House of Horror overall

Life creates art – literally !  This piece was inspired by a real life experience.  It is my attempt to spell  "scary thing" / "fear" in a visual narrative.

arrtisan search 2011

Collage and Assemblage

House of Horror     12 x 8 x 4   inches

Pieces of an old wooden folding ruler top this collage and assemblage or dwelling.  The entire piece is made from scratch with  hand cut mat boart (several layers).  The roof has an attic like hole that contains a bevel with copper foiling encasing an original verse and gives a hint of what is about to come.  Below it, on the front door, is an altered and distressed doll house furniture piece with only one door.  Above the door are things that spell   NO  EXIT. 

Inside the dorr and furniture piece is a hand made book with my original true life experience story on two pages of each diamond fold section and hand cut spider webs on the other two pages of each diamond fold section.

Old newsprint, texture paste and cheesecloth grace the sides as needlelace and weaving (freeform) accent the roof and door curtains.  This same old newsprint feeling is taken to the back where it has cool collage of answers to the question, how do you spell fear? 

the front door is hinged with an old antique hinge and opens to reveal a hidden space covered bvy a woven spider web with an original poem written around it.  If you look closely, one can see a frightened figure inside. (hand sculpted from polymer clay)


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