How to Distinguish Scents

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1.     How to Distinguish Scents

Dimensions: 5” x 7” closed, 20” x 28” open

Medium: solarplate prints, watercolor, India ink, acrylic varnish, waxed linen thread, Canson cream paper



 “How to Distinguish Scents” began as an exercise in a creative writing course I was teaching at the Atlanta College of Art (now SCAD Atlanta). As a member of the Atlanta Printmakers Studio, I began experimenting with solarplate printmaking and with creating books using simple folded structures. When it became clear that I would not enjoy the process of printing all 16 plates on one sheet of paper, I experimented further with layouts and stitching the individual pages in the same map-fold format I’d conceived initially. The process was a fascinating experience. I used the sun to expose some plates and a light box (actually the light table in the screen printing room) to expose others and editioned six books. As I completed the printing of each edition, I “distressed” the pages with watercolor and ink and then, to give them a leathery feel, coated each page with several coats of acrylic varnish. There are really two stories here: the narrator’s experience in a sensualist/ scientist’s garden and the reader’s imagined story of finding the book, stained but legible.


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3 thoughts on “How to Distinguish Scents

  1. Dear Ms. Alicia Griswold,

    I really love it when printing is taken off the flat page and given dimension.  To me, your piece is static!  Yesterday, I found a publication of pieces from the collection of Ohio State University’s library collection.  The name is Visual Poetry.  It made sense to me but I was surprised to see it.  Go to and type ‘Visual Poetry’ if interested in Word/lettering/writng/drawing/collage pieces which are a part of collage history ( in my opinion).  Your work might just fit in,

    Thank you, Colorsplash, Sue



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