How to dress your muse (Doll Kit)

This doll kit is constructed of two gallery depth canvases that are hinged together to create a box, offering a multidimensional piece of artwork. On the outside front canvas is a muse that can be dressed with a chioce of five magnetized, hand-painted outfits as well as hats. On the inside, there are accessories to beautify your muse.


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15 thoughts on “How to dress your muse (Doll Kit)

  1. What an idea!!  It makes you want to be little again and have paper dolls.  Again the detail in your work is something to be noticed  and admired.  From the jewelry to the hat box to being able to hang up the clothes.  The clothes are incredible and as someone who has sewn for 40 years I wonder why you don’t design some of your own!!!

  2. What a great use of simple gallery canvases! I can only imagine what her muse will wear today. The artist demonstrated that she can use restraint to create a clever and thoughtful piece. I would love to see this piece up close and personal…reminds me of my Barbie doll days….hours of role playing… bellisimo!

  3. What a great concept. This reminds me of my childhood playing with paperdolls. I absolutely LOVE it! so much creativity! I love that its so pretty to look at but also interactive…a real treasure!


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