Icterine Warbler

45" x 52" textile collage panel.  Photo transfer, ink jet printing on organza, vintage and cotton fabrics, free motion stitching on silk and linen.

"Icterine Warbler" is at play with transparent and opaque elements.  Vintage tablecloths, handkerchiefs, and antique block prints hint at a domestic sphere surrounded by nature.  The title comes from the central image culled from a vintage British bird book.


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4 thoughts on “Icterine Warbler

  1. Thanks, Heartjoy and Thespoena!  This has been a great opportunity to get in my studio and work.  In most of my waking hours I’m the proprietor of a small wine tasting room and gallery, and it’s been such a pleasure to work quietly on my own artwork lately.  There are some more views of the hanging panels on my website: http://www.artgardenwine.com and I also entered three pieces in the Artisan Collage & Assemblage category.  If you are in the Mendocino County, CA or Seattle are please let me know!


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