Industrial Dreams

This framed collage/assemblage piece is mostly made up of found or cast off objects paired with flea market finds.  The frame was painted, aged out with inks then stamped with French script and detailed out with jute.  The background consists of an aged inked recycled paper bag.  Each of the frames for the letters are altered mini mats covered in coffee stained dictionary pages, each center contains rubber stamping and a chip board letter.  Embellishments include beads of glass and wood, rusty bits such as tacks, wire, a key, and hardware, plus ceramic and glass objects, wax twine, and shreds of dyed gauze.

The message on this piece says, "I have soul longings to DREAM."  I think there is a little dreamer in all of us that longs to escape the confines of industry and duty, to step outside our daily role, and to let the desires and imagination of our deepest soul soar, but, there is always that little factor of the fear of stepping outside our comfort zone.  There is a bit of symbolism in this piece of the process of releasing those dreams. 

I think all dreams start deep within the soul but sometimes was are afraid to turn them loose so we hide from them (hidden face in the center of the piece).  We often bottle those dreams, corking them tightly away (tiny watch makers bottle).  We are fearful of pouring them out (diminutive upright cup).  We keep them dreams locked away (tied up key).  Until we one day become brave enough to spring into action (rusty spring).   Cutting loose (rusty blade) what has been tightly bound (knotted barb wire and bound up beads and hardware) in our hearts.  Our deepest desires begin to unfold with the unclench of our fist, the opening of our palm, the unfurling of our fingers, the cupping of our hand as we allow our dream to be born (mini ceramic arm), releasing it to spread its wings and soar (black velvet punched bird).


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