Insecurity Wears a Black Shroud Art Doll Assemblage

Insecurity was inspired by a conversation about why, as humans, we engage in certain activities and what shadow effects keep us from engaging in other activities. Late, as I thought more about this conversation, an image for this piece emerged so strongly that I had to stop what I was doing at that moment and sketch out my vision.

Insecurity's face is slightly distorted, hiding the pain and anguish she feels. Her body is hollow, formed over a tube. On the exterior are long black wings, representing the shroud we wear to hide our insecurities. Below her wings are the faces and words that tie us to our feelings of insecurity. However, all is not lost, for under the feathers around Insecurity's neck, is the word Hope. And in the center of her body rests a ruby charm embedded in words of loving kindness.

Materials: Polymer clay, gold leaf, ruby charm, rubber stamps, feathers, beads, acrylic paint, wood, molding paste

Dimensions: 16.5"h; 4"x4" (base)




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