Inside the box: Common buckeye butterfly

I like to make assemblages inside inexpensive 5 x 7 x1 inch plastic photo frames,by removing the cardboard insert that holds a photo against the front and replacing it with my own cardboard and images/stuff.  The box, with its small size and depth focuses attention and allows me to investigate aspects I would not ordinarily appreciate.  In this case I provided a special environment for a lucky find -a dead butterfly, gathered on a walk in the woods.  I used copper wire to  create skeletal remains of Queen Anne's Lace flowers, using the kitchen torch my son gave me to bead the wire ends.  I had only used the torch for the odd creme brulee  before this, and learned that torchwork really must be done on fireproof brick:  I melted my cutting mat!  Everything is a learning experience….Other techniques included are:  sun print cyanotype, imprinted gesso, stenciled modeling paste and hand carved dragonfly stamp.


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