Inspiration Journal #2

I believe that everyone should learn early in life the importance of documenting and journaling—that taking the time to really think about your life, what your hopes and dreams are, is important.  I send my journals out into the world with the belief that they will improve lives.

This one is 8”x10” and has lots of color, texture and inspirational quotes.  I’ve used tabs, charms, fabric, paper, a flame-worked bead I made, a glass tile I made, a small pocket made from a quilt my grandma made me as a child, a large art button, crystals and hand-torn art paper.  

My work in the world is important to me–that's why it is a thoughtful process I go through–gathering special materials and composing them in just the right way so that they are pleasing to look at and will hopefully inspire the owner to journal, journal, journal away!


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