Italian Friviolity

Recently my friend and I took our daughters to Italy where we toured Rome, Florence and Venice.  I came home with all kinds of scraps, receipts, ticket stubs and lots of digital pictures.  Not being a huge fan of a traditional picture album, I did nothing for awhile with my Italian stash.  Then I took a digital layer class and used many of the photos to practice techniques of making them look vintage, grunging them up a bit, and generally enhancing them in all kinds of ways.  I had purchased an vintage-1885- cash ledger with beautiful marbled covers and lovely script writing.  I decided to marry the two into an art journal style travel book using my altered photography, my trip ephemera and lots of vintage papers, postcards and photos. 

This proved to be a nice change since I typically create art with found photos and imagery, so using my own photos challenged me a bit and provided me with real satisfaction when I was finished.  I ended up using more than 80 photos and created 30 plus double spread pages. 

Materials used included: photos, vintage papers, italian papers, found images, water soluble crayons, gesso, pens, pencils, book text and more.


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