A Button Tells A Story Picture Frame

I received a CD of scanned old family photos from my dad.  I had wanted to incorporate some of them into some of my projects but wasn't sure how I wanted to use them.  When I read about the All Buttoned Up challenge I thought about how a button tells a story; the button off a wedding dress, the button of a pair of doll's shoes, the button from a favorite sweater… The idea of a picture frame telling the story of buttons developed in my head and I knew I had to use one of those old family photos.  I used an unfinished pine wood picture frame and then painted and collaged it with old ledger papers and receipts, scrapbook paper, and an old sewing pattern.  I embroidered some scroll work on hand painted muslin, and added the buttons.  I printed the family photo of my mother as a little girls with my grandmother, my aunt, and their foster brother. I enjoyed this project very much.



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