A Circus of Color: My little juggling clown tries to keep a balance of color, while his owl gently rests upon his arm. There is definitely a a couple of Tricks and I am sure seeing this silly guy will be a Treat! His head, and hands are sculpted of polymer clay, which is painted in acrylic paints, and coated in Sculpey Satin Glaze. His body, background, and owl are all created out of craft papers using some of the colors involved in this wonderful color challenge. He is held together with gromits, and attached to the background with a card board backing. He has plastic buttons and a streamer paper collar, coated in Crystal Fine Glitter for a little sparkle.

Materials used:
Polymer Clay, Acrylic Paints, Craft Paper, Martha Stewart Craft Glue, Martha Stewart Crystal Fine Glitter, Sculpey Glaze, Plastic Buttons, Cardboard, Gromits, ink, brads, gromits


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