a little me

I took a photo of myself put it into photoshop, turned it into black and white and placed it over a color print of a 1950's scarf I had scanned.  Using the magic art brush tool I went around the outside of the photo exposing the print in the background.  I then printed this directly onto canvas.  I used acrylic glazes to paint over the black and white photo.  I used stencils and stamps to get the lines on the blazer.  I then scanned this and size it to a pattern of a voodoo doll I had made.  I printed it onto Muslim by ironing freezer paper on the back of the Muslim.  I strung up the doll in a 6×6 frame.  The doll has personal things about me written on it like my battle with fibromyalgia, my son with autism, our family and the love we share.  It's what holds me together…it is a little me.

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