A Little Me – "Inspired by my Turtle Pond"

I created this collage with the theme of my turtle pond and garden; it always brings me new ideas. My pond and garden were designed and built by my husband and me. He is always very supportive of my art, even when it moves outdoors. My pond is my tranquility and inspiration…


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One thought on “A Little Me – "Inspired by my Turtle Pond"

  1. I like what you said about your husband being supportive of your art. It’s a valuable commodity in a marriage. I am lucky in the same way in that my husband suggested recently that I find some nice tiles for the chimney that was being repair and heightened. I was so lucky to find some shiny glazed, amazing primary colorts in the shape of subway tile, and i immediately snapped it up. Never mind the expense that it added to the prohect! It is an other example of a creative stab at collaboration in our wonderful marriage. I think sometimes he begins where I leave off, and vice versa! i like your approach, the buddha, and can imagine that the turles bring pleasure to your world. If the day every somes that I don’t have dachshunds running around here, I will invite tortoise and turles to live her at my home in Daytona Beach. take care. Anne Kneller


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