A Little Sorcery

This is very much a transition piece for me. I have only just begun experimenting with mixed media and I am completely in love. This little self-portrait includes stars, dragonflies and butterflies which always play a role in my artwork as well as little pieces of the French language which I hold near and dear (my husband is a French teacher). The color purple is simply my favorite and the aged look represents how I have always felt like an old soul.

I have used colored pencils, paper, copper, Distress Ink, acrylic, cardboard, tape, rubber stamp and mod podge.


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11 thoughts on “A Little Sorcery

  1. Hmm…a little sorcery goes a long way here, very inspirational!  I love the ‘moody’ colours enhanced by the copper work, would be wonderful to see the original.

  2. This one really draws me in.  I love the eyes and the hair; the placement of the butterflies/dragonflies; the color; and the copper adds a really cool touch!


  3. I LOVE THIS!! All of the comments are so true, it’s moody and the colors are fabulous!! The composition moves you around the whole piece!! I want to see it in person!! 


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