A New Song In My heART


I had so much fun creating this piece!  This marks my journey back to myself as an artist.  Also, this is my first mixed media piece!  I am in love with this new way of expressing myself.  There are so many layers of meaning in this piece for me.  I am an artist, musician, wife, mother, dreamer (nighttime and otherwise) and lover of nature, beauty and color.  I am also a hairdresser, so it is natural for me to see "art" in hair.  I love paisley, and my idea grew out of my love for that pattern.  If you look closely, you will see a horse, a cardinal, a howling wolf, flowers and butterflies in the paisley.


I had a general idea of what I wanted to do, but, as it does for most of us, the project takes on a life of it's own.  When I started looking for a 6×6 canvas, I wasn't having any luck.  I saw 6×6 cork board squares, and thought it would make a perfect background.  This is about me "catching" my dreams; I created a dream catcher out of embroidery floss, and put myself in the middle of it.  The background is my very own night sky.  There are pieces of jewelry that I wore on my wedding day to represent some of the "stars" in my life.  My husband, my kids, my two rescue poodles and myself; our family.  I bent the wire and attached them like staples into the cork board. I added some gems for sparkle, and some fringy trim for a bit of fun and whimsy.



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5 thoughts on “A New Song In My heART

  1. I would call you a “STYLIST” for you see a stylist is an “Artist” in every way possible…The flow to your music is in the ‘Art of all design… really beautiful work.

  2. Your piece shows that you had fun! I love the colours, so rich and vibrant, the warm tones against that wonderful blue. The way you hid the wolf, horse, etc in the paisley is wonderful; I especially like the cardinal…and the fringe around the outside edge is the perfect final touch, the whole piece just looks so ‘wild’ and free. Beautiful!