Attraction in the Garden

Hand printed water-based monoprint on 100% cotton rag paper


Reader Challenges (Past)

About Eileen Blodgett

Full time artist and educator living and creating in the foothills of Northern California. Creative gypsy working in mixed media, printmaking and painting for over 20 years and loving each new creative day. Eileen’s work is an adventure, continuously twisting and changing, often without a destination in mind. Each piece is a stepping stone left behind to guide you along with her; or perhaps to help find a way back. In each creation, you can find the liberating energy she projects. Her work is filled with a harmony composed of spirit and peacefulness. This quality, in the artist and her work, has inspired many students of all ages, and is generating a number of emerging professional artists. “Sharing the path of a creative life brings me great joy. I believe we are all artists and what better time than now to venture out? ... so, let’s go! ” — Eileen Blodgett

4 thoughts on “Attraction in the Garden

  1. I use cut out recycled material, fabric, plastic, (paper or plastic doilies) etc. to create stencils that are then inked and pressed into the damo paper. It’s like an inked collage that creates one print when pressed.  Thanks for your feedback!


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