Authentically Me

This submission is called "Authentically Me". It is a 6×6" encaustic collage. I first used a colour copy of a gelatin monoprint I made using a self portrait image I took of my own feet and hands. I combine a black and white copy of the image with printmaking inks and a flower which left a negative print. I combine the colour copy of the monoprint with beeswax, then using a stylus I hand wrote adjectives I would use to describe myself. I then rubbed a Shiva paintstik in iridescent copper over the words and removed the excess. This piece is "authentically me" because it is how I see myself and because it contains flaws in my spelling and hand writing. I don't generally plan out all aspects of my pieces so I accept "mistakes" as something that happens when a real person makes art. Perfection is impossible and can get in the way of making good art. This piece also includes a wire bird nest with gemstone bead eggs that I made. Much of my work contains birds, feathers, eggs, and nests, so it just seemed right to include it as one of those things people identify with me and as something that is close to my heart.


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