Beach House Dayz

This beach house holds within it memories of beach houses I lived in as a child, some shared. A clothesline of memories comes out of an open window on other side. At end is little book, called Beach House Dayz, which has a smalll accordion fold book  inside with a litany of summer stuff  ending  with my memory of a young boy who shared a house with us one summer. He was a survivor of the Holocaust, saved by one of his Christian neighbors in Poland, who  hid  him down a well for over a year. When I think of summers at the beach, I remember all the beautiful things of summer, and I am thankful for Peter and his neighbor. The house is made of original design digital printing and photography, hand painted collaged papers, stitched and machine felted material, and commercial scrapbook paraphernalia, such as ferris wheel, pail and shovel. I remember cotton candy, and fireworks, and Peter and his neighbor.


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