Black and White Birdhouse

I created this black and white birdhouse for the ornament challenge.  The body is covered in glittery dictionary pages having to do with birds and winter/snow.  The roof is covered with wooden shingles painted black and glittered.  Ribbons adorn the hanger.


Reader Challenges (Past)

6 thoughts on “Black and White Birdhouse

  1. “Congratulations Jen,” I just saw your beautiful piece of Art on the cover of the Cloth Paper Scissors Gifts front cover through my e-mail today.  You must be so excited and rightfully so.

  2. i am so excited!!! i justreceived a big box and this was in it! we have been on vacation, and i didn’t even know i was one of the winners of all the ornaments! it is beautiful. thank you. carlanda williamson


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