Button Arbor

It is titled “Button Arbor” and it is three pieces meant to be displayed together.  The tree trunks are made up of thread trash and embroidery thread twisted together and zigzagged to a batik background and Fast to Fuse stabilizer with many layers of buttons for the leaves.  In the close up I tried to show the roots are hanging off the edges and the running hand stitching around the edge.


Reader Challenges (Past)

12 thoughts on “Button Arbor

  1. I don’t like this….I LOVE this!  Beautiful use of scap threads, especially them ‘growing’ off the edges of the fabric.  Wonderful assortment of buttons as well.  Excellent use of background using the Batik fabric.  Really well done! :o)

  2. O-O-Oh! A fellow button lover! Aren’t they addictive little things? It all starts out so simple…just a few buttons, and pretty soon, they’re taking over the studio. Perhaps you have a technique for effective button control?


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