Buttoned Rosette

I made the rosette using bristol board that I coated with gesso. Next I decided to decoupage the surface using torn pieces of newsprint and tissue paper. Recently I discovered the joy of using alcohol inks and I thought I'd try using them on the rosette to add some color. I also colored the buttons with alcohol inks and the lace edge around the buttons. The button in the very center is a button that I made with polymer clay. As a last touch I added some glitter to the outside edge of the rosette and to the leaf-shaped wire on the the stem. I love glitter as much as I love buttons, so I had to add some glitter to the piece.

Rosette piece measures 10"H x 5 1/2"W



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2 thoughts on “Buttoned Rosette

  1. So inviting and whimsical!! I love all of the buttons and I’m so impressed by the handmade button – absolutely beautiful.  And of course glitter is a wonderful thing and adds so much to your artwork.  Love it love it love it!!!!! 🙂


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