Coco Raine

My luggage tag is made with a sparkle of a sponge, red puppy dog collar, a small torn piece of paper that shows the love packed away in my suit case, acrylic paints and most important, a key identifying my contact information.


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About Bethanne

Published author of poetry, published Art magazines and creative choices of the Arts in newspapers. Europe's oldest city in 'Trier Germany to the Inspiration of San Francisco and the California mountains, beaches and deserts...Provence France to Naples Italy on into Rupert Spain...places to live, love and inspire.

5 thoughts on “Coco Raine

  1. Thank you artmnky…I loved the question, what or where is Coco Raine?  Coco Raine is me on the key for my contact information as I travel.  I thought this would show up better, but…it’s like where did Coco Raine go to, even for me?  I guess she got rained out!  lol

  2. Hey, congratulations on making it as a finalist.  I love your tag…totally can’t wait to see the whole thing. Thanks for the comment on my artichoke….it had me all “choked” up!  Hahaha


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