Colorful Flower Tunnel Book

I had intended to make two separate tunnel books; one I envisioned with happy colorful flowers, and one would be an homage to my favorite drink – coffee.  But after working on the colorful flower book for awhile, and then struggling a bit with the coffee book, the idea occurred that my flower book was missing something…a coffee cup!  Love when things have a way of working out like that.

The pages of my tunnel book are made from thin cardboard cereal boxes covered with tissue paper.  I then painted and doodled all over the pages.  The accordion sides are made of scrapbook paper.  Vintage papers and painted wire were used on the coffee cup.


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7 thoughts on “Colorful Flower Tunnel Book

  1. An absolutely COZY and beautiful piece. You really caught the ambience of that special “coffee moment.” And I love that you used cereal boxes as your substrate.


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