Corazon de la Madre

I made this artwork in memory of my mother, Vivian Lanciotti, who died this past November at the age of 91.  I miss her every day and wanted to honor her memory.  I love the idea of Día de los Muertos and put into my work, elements that represent wonderful times spent with my mother: wild flowers on the hill behind our house and sea shells from our times at the beach.  I used watercolor, collage, and embroidery.  My mother was a seamstress, an artist, and a teacher, so I wanted to capture those qualities too.  She taught me to sew and encouraged me to draw. The background writing is a prayer-poem I wrote the day she died; it gives me strength.  I know if she could see my work she’d say, “Oh, Jo! That is so beautiful!” And that’s what matters.


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Thank you for this idea and opportunity for making this piece.  The process made me feel closer to my mother.



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