Deirdre Abbotts’ "Mother Earth" Art Doll

Deirdre Abbotts

Westport, CT


“I started my two-sided Day (Above) and Night Mother Earth Doll (below) almost five years ago. I put off finishing it because I thought she needed an elaborate stand, so that the front and back of the piece would be visible. My sister Megan insisted I finish it for this challenge because it fit the theme exactly. After getting the doll assembled with a foam core base, I found that the doll is able to stand alone—just like Mother Earth. I need to thank Megan for her gentle suggestion that I finish this doll.

“More than 100 hours of work went into making this doll. She is hand beaded on an Ultrasuede® base.
The Day side holds the golden sun, while a frisky bronzed body dances naked on her hills. The Night side holds a Mother of Pearl moon that mimics the silvery glow of the sky-clad dancer.”


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