Deli Paper Pouch 2

This technique was part of my New Year's resolution or art goal, for myself, to experiment with new techniques or work on one of my own invention.  I have observed deli paper used for art, before, but wanted to experiment with it in my own way.

(I have also included deli paper in my canvas mixed media pieces)  The paper adheres beautifully to a canvas, wood, paper; any substrate.


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2 thoughts on “Deli Paper Pouch 2

  1. Jenn: would you be kind enough to give me a definition of “deli paper”? I confess that I live in a very rural area but I long for the deli I used to frequent when I lived in the city. Nevertheless, I don’t know what you mean by deli paper. Do you mean that “not quite waxed paper” they use for wrapping sandwiches? You may give me the impetus to jump in the car and visit my old haunts – just thinking about it has me famished for pastrami on rye! This artwork is gorgeous!

  2. You are exactly right; the deli paper is used for wrapping sandwiches or when one gets deli meat at a butcher or grocery store and that is what they use to handle the meat or wrap it.   It’s similar to waxed paper but much thinner and more transparent.  I would recommend, however, if using for art work that you get the non-waxed.  The non-wax paper takes paints much better than the waxed.  Hope this helps and sorry I just saw your question today.   Best wishes – Marilyn


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