Deux Pois Bakery, Sewn Confections

My children make good use of their play kitchen, so being the creative sort, I enjoyed sewing confections for their "bakery." I save scraps of fabric, notions, and buttons for just this type of project.

The confections are sewn and decorated with ribbons, lace, and buttons. The box was cut to size and covered with gel medium, strips of paper, and acrylic paint. Then, I decorated the lid with the Deux Pois Bakery logo I designed, along with dye cut circles, paper doily, and dots of gold paint. The inside is lined with pink, brown, and cream polka dot paper.



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8 thoughts on “Deux Pois Bakery, Sewn Confections

  1. I would have adored this as a kid. Wait, I adore it now! What lucky children you have. I want to make a box for my friend’s kids. I know they would “eat it up.” The buttons you selected are perfect.


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