Dia de los Gatos

My cat has been the focus of much of my artwork lately, as I strive to preserve memories of the joy and unconditional love she brings to my life.  I started with a photo transfer of her beautiful face onto canvas, painted it over with acrylics, wrote and doodled with a white gel pen and added paper flowers, buttons and glitter.  Sewed onto a yellow cardstock background and created a striped border with ink pens.  (Her real “fangs” are not nearly this big, but I thought it looked better with exaggerated, scarier ones!)


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10 thoughts on “Dia de los Gatos

  1. Awwwww!!!  One, this is a great creative concept; two,  we just lost one of our kitties to Feline Leukemia…this gives me an idea about keeping her memory alive    😉

  2. So sorry to hear about your kitty!  Creating a beautiful piece of art is a great way to honor her life.  I love using photos of my four-legged friends in my artwork; automatically it becomes more meaningful.


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