Diana Carr

My resolution this year is to break away from my fears about showing or selling my work. I am determined to enter 8 contests or exhibits before the end of 2010. I started with a collage piece, then decided to add a 3-D sculpted character breaking through the fears.
Materials used:
Grocery paper bag
Scrapbook & computer papers
Indelible ink pen
Washers and Bolts
Super Sculpey
Spool of beading wire
Glass beads
Pipe cleaner
Craft spoon (small)
Scrap fabric
Heavy black thread
Mod Podge
Epoxy glue
Torn strips of paper/printed lines were glued to corner of bag using Mod Podge. All open spaces were filled with focus words: doubt, fear, time, etc. Resolutions were backed with black paper. A washer, topped with a bolt, went on the sides of each resolution and adhered by sewing with black thread. The sculpted figure base is a ball of wire glued to a small craft spoon with epoxy. The base for the hands are shaped. A small loop of wire was left open at the wrist for the arm attachment later.  Small glass beads were used for the eyes, and finished figure was baked according to the package directions. A pipe cleaner around the neck area, secured with epoxy, and hands attached. Scrap fabric covered the neck and arms, and then placed the figure behind the collage and a hole torn to "climb through." 


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3 thoughts on “Diana Carr

  1. Wow! Good for you – putting all this out there for the year. I can relate and I LOVE the image of the little guy breaking through all the doubts and fears!  Way to go!!!! – Thea


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