Dream House

Not having a clear idea of where I was headed with this piece, I let it evolve on it's own. When I do that, it takes A LOT longer…but I usually get a unique story. I was trying to make a house into a crown on top of my head, but it just wouldn't go there! Guess I'm not regal enough. So, final product, I'm snuggling with a baby house on a quilt of grass.  I do like my sleep.

It's a self portrait in that I have a love affair with little houses and have several illustrations where these same houses make a cameo. It also represents my creative self. The colorful houses are my ideas. They are my homes filled with family, love, nostalgia, and personal things…vessels of creative energy.


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5 thoughts on “Dream House

  1. I too have a love affair with little houses so this really appeals to me. I like that you flipped your work into a ‘diamond’, it really emphasises the house theme.

  2. I love what you have done here.  I, too, love houses, and to sleep and dream!  I love how it is in a diamond shape, and everything about it makes me feel peaceful, happy and content!  Beautiful!


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