earth altar

This little art house provides a time and place to sit, reflect and be still. It is a place to create. I can imagine sitting on the little stone and looking out into nature, and reflecting inwards using the mirror on the wall. I saw it being open so I removed a wall, so you could be inside and out. This little house is a reminder to make art everyday, so that it is a part of my life. I'm trying to remember there isn't a perfect moment to create (when everything is done), just this moment, now!

The handmade paper is glued on, and the poppy stem stitched on. I wanted it to look like it was part of the earth. I thought my remnants of thread looked like moss, and the cloth I clean my paintbrush on became a carpet for the house. If only I could make it life size! It's amazing how unique everyone's houses are. They are so inspiring.




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