Empty Nest by Anne Kneller


As I worked on this 'encaustic abode', it gradually became an ode to the "empty nest" —the lonliness that many parents experience when the last of their offspring leave home. Originally, I laid a large marble egg inside the nest, giving the interior it's rounded shape. It seemed too obvious, so I removed it. Voila! The empty nest.  I went on to embellish it beyond all reason.

My "Empty Nest" started with shredded computer paper stuffing which I dipped and then shaped with encaustic medium. I am discovering that you can dip just about anything in medium. The nest was simple at first! Then I added sticks and twine, charms and twisted wire and wire wringlets, beaded chain and beads—something new every time I walked into my studio until it started to look like the Betsey Johnson bird had come to visit. I used shredded metallic schrimm to line the nest and coated it with encaustic medium. The little sign is cardboard and wax. The hanging nest hangs about 22 inches tall and 6" wide, but can also be displayed on top of a small box. I can now imagine making a series of Empty Nests. Everything looks good in series!



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2 thoughts on “Empty Nest by Anne Kneller

  1. I love it, Anne! There’s just something about it that really speaks to me. I cannot put my finger on it, but it definitely draws me in…


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