"Endless Summers without Clarity….After Sandy"

For my piece, my concept was to evoke the notion of endless summers by the shore by using a picture of children running carefree through the waves.  My square also pays tribute to a small shore town in New Jersey that was completely devastated after Superstorm Sandy.

After the storm –  debris washed ashore. In this debris were photographs which were severely distressed or damaged. Yet, these images were immediately recognizable to their owners. To relate to this notion as well as the disorientation which existed after the storm, the imagery in my artwork appears without clarity and the edges of my square are frayed.

To construct my square – I used the negative of a photo-transfer to symbolize what was "left" after the devastation of the storm rather than using the positive of the transfer which was in focus. I then appliqued the negative to a piece of muslin-like canvas to resemble the storm's aftermath. From there I built up my piece gradually as a sign of recovery through hand coloring, glue, glitter, glass beads and hand stitching techniques.



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