Evening Out

As the days rush by and shorten by winter's eve, with work and all the happenings in ones life, it's just nice to take time out and enjoy the ambiance of an evening out.

My creation was hand drawn with pencil and using a selection of colored pencils.   I  printed the imagine onto a pastel card stock.

I took wool and a felting needle and hand felted each piece by piece in the style of the hair and the design of the dress.  The belt was crochet and felted onto the dress.


Reader Challenges (Past)

About Bethanne

Published author of poetry, published Art magazines and creative choices of the Arts in newspapers. Europe's oldest city in 'Trier Germany to the Inspiration of San Francisco and the California mountains, beaches and deserts...Provence France to Naples Italy on into Rupert Spain...places to live, love and inspire.

4 thoughts on “Evening Out

  1. Thank you Artmonkeydrive…it’s any place where your heart sings out, that exciting get away moment.   The song, the dance, lights twinkling with music on the street corners.  The evening could last until early dawn in a small cafe as their doors are opening.  Smiling faces welcoming you inside.  The bakery goodies fill the fresh morning air.  Hot rich coffee or Morning tea to go along with your scrumptious choices for morning bliss.


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