Evening Ritual

This piece contains silhouettes of my husband, myself and our two cats.  It shows us scrambling at night trying to get ready for the next day as well as the "Evening Ritual" which is feeding our kitties in separate areas before they got to sleep for the night.  They were so wild in the evenings that we had to separate them–one kittie, Sergei our 16 1/2 lb. Russian Bleu follows my husband upstairs for his can of cat food and Calvin is fed in the kitchen area–he requires that I stand still while he is consuming his evening meal.  I, of course, acommodate.

In both upper-hand corners are two other silhouette submissions that I had worked on previously, but they wouldn't fit in the required box size.  At least I was able to show them this way.  The stairs are cardstock, and I included scraps from  paintings I had done  previously.
I love cutting sihouettes and often in birthday cards I send several  small silhouettes that drop out of the card when opened–like confetti–everyone loves them!


Reader Challenges (Past)


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