"Family Tree"

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"Family Tree"


With my girl character Elle, baby too, I used 18 & 24 gauge wire along with jewelry wire, glass/plastic beads, light cork, ribbon, medal frame, soda pop top.   I used two different methods of macramé styles for their hair design using a tan jute twine. I braided the jewelry wire at the lower part of the dress/body.


For my boy character Jaxon, I used 18 gauge wire, attaching his glass bead head to the plastic holder for body that once held wire, that's the wire on his 'packing tape shirt I had cut out for a pocket. I designed paper pants for him.  I used green and light tan jute twine for his hair style.


For Elle & Jaxon I used acrylic paint, puff paint, glitter glue and glue.  For baby the acrylic paint only.


The wire tree was drastically altered for my 'Family Tree.




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