First Flight

Little bird so new exploring the gardens below…softly landing on a bench so old with stories to share.

I used an eraser, an off white paper for my stamped image, a small engraving tool and acrylic paints.  Using a dark blue acrylic paint for woods, concrete, metal, etc., I wanted that edgy old worn look when applied to paper being careful not to lift the paper from it's self.


Reader Challenges (Past)

About Bethanne

Published author of poetry, published Art magazines and creative choices of the Arts in newspapers. Europe's oldest city in 'Trier Germany to the Inspiration of San Francisco and the California mountains, beaches and deserts...Provence France to Naples Italy on into Rupert Spain...places to live, love and inspire.

2 thoughts on “First Flight

  1. Hmm, I notice this little bird seems to have been viewed many, many times – could it be that it’s because this stamp really appeals to so many of us? I think so, I know I love it and keep taking just one more look at it. So sweet!


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