First Snow Silhouette

A cotton fabric quilted collage with netting, ribbon and  beads embellishment.  In a cityscape under a full moon during a light snow, the iron bench came from a larger house quilt I'm making for a friend of her Victorian house.  I enjoyed cutting abstract silhouettes of her black iron porch chairs sitting at an angle and thought a variation of the silhouette deserved a starring role in its own collage. 


Reader Challenges (Past)

4 thoughts on “First Snow Silhouette

  1. Your Art piece is breathtaking…so serene and beautiful.  The hard lines blend so softly into your first snow fall.  I would purchase your piece if you did wish to sell, but I could understand this piece will probably never leave home. 

  2. TO: Creative Art and puppy4christmas:

    It was all attached with glue (!) (yes, why not?), and stitiching – mostly machine free motion stitching with an embroidery foot.  The straight lines were mcahine stitched with a regular foot. While I arrange the pieces, I often pin or hand baste them on the top piece until I’m certain of their position.  There’s a little bit of sketching involved at the beginning, but then I try to work with the fabric in front of me and add/subtract fabric and embellishments as I see fit.  I’d love to seel this, but I’m not sure what the ruels are about this at CPS.  I can list if on my etsy shop if you are still iterested.


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