Fly high, felted wonder

Fly high is a collage piece which incorporates hand needle felting and wet felting.

First I cut a backing out of felt in the required size. Layered and machine stitched on top of that are

1. brown paper bag with singed edges, 2. tea dyed cheese cloth, 3. organza singed,..seems that I like to play with fire…;0),

4.  burlap, 5. birch bark, 6 wet felted wool roving mixed with fuzzy yarn, 7. handcut paper flower out of a vintage book (painted, distressed) and on top of that is a needle felted butterfly with wire antennae.

In the top right corner I glued 5 vintage buttons, one tied with a string of burlap. On the bottom I glued down a medaillon. I removed the text it came with and cut a plain circle out of the vintage book and stamped the word fly with ink. I sprinkeld two kinds of glitter on the paper and because I have no diamond glaze or resin in my stash ( not yet I should say) I used UV-Gel. Right, the stuff you use for fingernails. Voila…done! Hope you like it!


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