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This is a Victorian concertina viewer-type book which, when drawn out and held up to the light depicts a woodland view.  The book is made up of a variety of materials:  black silk grosgrain, hand marbled paper and vellum printed with my own original images.  

The images for this book were taken on medium format film with my Holga camera, during a period of recovery from major surgery.  The book represents my healing journey.  I couldn't walk far, but the images were taken of the aspen groves around my home on my slow and halting daily walks.  The images were printed onto cream-coloured translucent vellum, and then apertures were cut between the trees on each page.  The final image is of a tire swing in a tree up the hill from my house.  It was the last image taken in the series on the first day I was able to climb the hill to see it.  When you draw the book out and hold it up to the light, you can look through to the image of the tire swing in the trees at the end.  It is a very meaningful piece with a wonderfully nostalgic feeling that everyone seems to respond to.  There is no text.


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