"Follow Your Dreams" Flag

Suzanne Myers Otto, Madison, WI

I (finally) noticed this reader challenge announcement while weeding magazines last week. With the deadline looming, I worked quickly!  I decided to use medium-weight, sew-in interfacing as a foundation. I painted my flag with a mix of Jacquard purple textile paint & pearl white Lumiere. I added texture/design by pressing a piece of rubber carpet pad against the flag while the paint was still damp. Words were written with a Sharpie, on a used "Color Catcher" sheet, then cut out and glued to the background. Decorative threads, pieces of vintage tatting, and torn paper were added in a random fashion. Thinking the flag needed something more, I added vintage net lace to the mix. "Follow Your Dreams" continues to be my mantra.          Note to CPS:  the flag is in the mail!!



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