Forgive to Live

Substrate:  Pages torn out of a book about a woman’s journey from betrayal to forgiveness after her husband left.

Medium:  Acrylic. Glaze. Metallic thread. Repurposed earring pieces – worn when this event occurred in her life.

Technique:  Collage with torn passages from book. Letters cut from book and glued on template for structure stability. Metallic thread needled through.

Symbolism: Broken “Forgive” between pages 1 and 2 represents the process. Tangled metallic thread on pages 1 and 2 represents the maze one confronts when trying to forgive. Gold highlights from thread and paint represent treasures found beyond forgiveness; thus the word “Live” with heart dotting the “i” on page 3. Butterfly, suspended by gold threads on page 4, represents a new form of life after “tunneling” out of the betrayal cocoon. Orange represents second chakra issues related to sex and secrets. Blue represents fifth chakra issues related to finding and giving voice to the unsaid. Additional symbolism comes from text on substrate pages

Copyright Permissions:  My book, published in 2006 from the journals I kept during this transition.

I have to say it was freeing to visually depict my journey in this way, as I am “tunneling” back to give my artist-self more opportunities to express. Thank you!


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