Found Objects

For this challenge, I utilized "found objects" I had laying around the house. I decided to use a neutral, tonal palette for my first foray into fabric designing. I took an old, what I think is linen, tablecloth and dyed it using a mixture of brewed coffee and tea. After a quick wash, dry and iron, I was ready for step 2. I took a coffee cup sleeve, like the ones you get from Starbucks (a weakness of mine) and painted the ridged side with an acrylic paint called Desert Sand. I proceeded to stamp the fabric in alternating directions, leaving space in between the patterns. I then dipped various clock gears into acrylic, Warm White and stamped the gears onto the fabric. I felt that the Warm White a little too neutral so I added detail by using fine point metallic gold and silver paint pens to finish the piece. I thoroughly enjoyed this exercise and can't wait to receive other cloth treasures in the mail. This fabric was inspired by steampunk, vintage style.


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One thought on “Found Objects

  1. I really like the way you have used such interesting found objects, and the colours really suit.  Who would have thought you could get that great pattern from a coffee cup!


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