Grandma’s Mirror Image of Little Me

I love designing, then painting or drawing textiles. This started out as my painting of  a chair called "Grandma's Chair", which I originally intended  as a way to pay tribute to my mother who is also a wonderful grandmother.  From there I thought I would keep going, so I started a collage with the chair filled with pillows, lace, quilts and a teddy bear…all of which I also designed and painted.

When I noticed this challenge I thought it would be fun to take a photo of my niece who looks just like my brother (her father) and I when we were young…and then "painted" on her a print I would have loved when I was her age. The print on the jumper she is wearing comes from a painting I did of chocolates, of which I digitally "cut-out" many of the chocolates to form this jumper. The legs, her beanie and shoes are all paintings as well. My niece loves the color orange and so the color of the jewelry I added 🙂

In the back ground, the blue Rose picture on the wall was actually a broach I painted for the center of a quilt piece I designed and painted. The quilt on the back of the chair comes from a pillow I did, as well as the needlework on the arm.  The wall paper, the floor and lamp are all my original designs and artwork too.  Thank you for reading….  


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