Heart Tree by gg

My New Year’s resolution was to create some form of art every day.

As you can see my Heart Tree includes “Cloth, Paper and Scissors.”
Creating a Heart Tree

Heart ornaments include hand-made papers made from glue, ribbons and holiday themed paper napkins. This technique is referred to Serendipity Paper.

After the paper has dried, I cut it into heart shapes and added some ribbon trim. Later, I added a few hand-painted wooden heart shaped ornaments and a few rubber stamped tags. Rubber stamps I used were: Floral Document Heart by Christine Adolph, Women by I Break for Stamps and Girls Rule by Tim Holtz. For finishing touches, I added some pink and red artificial roses near the trunk of the tree. The based of the tree trunk is wrapped in red feathered garland.

For the tree angel, I scanned a photo of a vintage china doll that has been handed down from my great grandmother. I printed her on laser paper, pasted her to some card stock, added some netting, ribbons, wings and of course a red felt heart. After wrapping the tree in red bridle tulle … my heart tree was complete.


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