Home Is Where the Art Is Mini Book – Interior Pages

This house-shaped mini book, "Home is Where the Art Is,"  measures 2.5"x4" at the apex of the roof. It began life as an accordion book made from inexpensive watercolor paper. After painting it and doing some background work, I decided I didn't really like it all that much an left it to languish in my projects-to-be-forgotten bin. Recently, I looked at it again, and decided I would break it apart and re-bind it for this challenge. Truly a mixed media work, this book incorporates collage images from Dover books onto pages that have been painted and inked, then worked with watercolor markers and oil crayons. Each page features a window or door that peeks into the page that follows. The binding is simple metal jewelry findings strung with red glass beads.


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3 thoughts on “Home Is Where the Art Is Mini Book – Interior Pages

  1. Hi…………i love your little mini-book! What a great idea! i love that you rescued this little book, kinda like i rescued my dogs! One of my favorite parts is the little doors or windows on each page that allows you to peek into the next page. i would love to view all the pages. Do you have any more pictures? EXCELLENT!


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