Hot – A Wired Terrier

Hot is a wired terrier with an attitude!! I created him using things around the house…some cans, a cut-up beer can (of course!), screws, buttons, coil… and a bit of wire soldered together. He stands about 8" high from the tips of his ears to his feet, 8.5" long from his nose to tip of his tail, and about 5" wide. He's just a puppy…so right now I'm in the throes of paper training him…but with his cool personality, he's easy to deal with…

You can read more about Hot on my blog at:


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One thought on “Hot – A Wired Terrier

  1. Gadzooks! 

    I know he’s just made of tins (literally) but he certainly does have attitude… he looks perky and ready for fun…!

    Perhaps you should forego the paper training until you make him more anatomically correct… 🙂  LOL!

    Love the puppy look!



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