I Am Unique (Like Everyone Else)

This submission is entitled, "I Am Unique (Like Everyone Else)" because it is true and because I have always liked that saying. It is a 6×6" encaustic collage. It has many layers and meanings. I started with a colour copy of a Polaroid transfer of a self portrait I made on handmade paper. I layered beeswax on top of the copy, and then, using a stylus, I hand wrote information about me across the piece. I then rubbed a black Shiva paintstik over the words, then layered it with more wax and fused. I added a feather and ribbon, two eggs (one that is broken and contains another egg), a wire and gemstone bead nest I made, and a twig I painted, distressed, and added vintage paper flowers to and dipped in wax. I made a little pouch from a wire edged ribbon, sewn together with wire, that contains the word "remember" and some turquoise beads. Turquoise is said to take on the characteristics of its owner. I selected the word "remember" because much of my work has to do with memory. The eggs represent my children and the nest the home I have created. Much of my work contains birds, feathers, eggs, and nests. This feather represents my travels through life and the ribbon my childhood. The flowers represent growth. I made them on a twig because I derive a lot of inspiration from nature and I live in a National Park.The phrases are personal things about me. The whole piece is a bit complicated, and eclectic, like me.


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