I will meet you in the garden

My piece, i will meet you in the garden, was started with a ripped paper collage of blue green and gold paper. Then I painted navy blue over a mask made from the flower stencil provided. The sky of the picture is filled with golden eyes drawn with marker and accents sewn into the paper. The hot air balloons that drift across the sky are made from fabric and have a glow of oil pastel. the closest balloon drops a silver cast into waves created with painted dryer sheets. And at the end of the sea grows a large garden made of paper accented with oil pastel.


Reader Challenges (Past)

4 thoughts on “I will meet you in the garden

  1. This is first  time I have felt so completely compelled to write a comment ( I am normally too shy). Your work is absolutely superb! The  richness of colour surely complements your whimsical interpretration of “the garden”. Your imagination , your sense of balance and harmony plus your technical application – oh my goodness! Thank you. Your have inspired me to return to my humble artistic attempts.


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