My goal was to celebrate the simple every day  sources of inspiration such as flowers, an animal, a bead, wire, music, etc.   I started with a quilt base of backing fabric, fleece, and background fabric.  I fused a variety of fussy cut images, added decorative machine stitching, a beaded coil, beads, and Angelina.  Having a short period of time to complete this and get it mail forced me to work spontaneously and quickly.   The word "joy" was added at the end because is was a joyful project from start to finish.   I was momentarily tempted to keep this flag but instead I am going to make a series of inspirational flags to hang in my studio.  Thank you CPS for a wonderful experience!


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2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Hi ChrisR27,

    I really am enjoying your flag.  On the internet, that cat really pops.  I love the metalic edging.  I enjoyed the composition, the placement.  Very nice.  Must have been hard to let go of!

    Sincerely,  Colorsplash, Sue

  2. Hi Colorsplash Sue!

      Thank you for the positive feedback!  The edges are triple satin stitched with a variegated twisted rayon thread.  I am fairly new to mixed media (I am a long time quilter and beader).   I am having so much fun experimenting with new techniques and still enjoying working with fabric and beads.   The most difficult decision is what to try next!

      What is your art passion?

    Sincerely, Chris


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